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Arts & Entertainment


Arts and Entertainment: Year-round events. All-around excellence and enjoyment.

The weatherman may say it’s impossible, but whatever the temperature, real snow falls every December at Columbia County’s annual Snow Festival. That’s how it is in Columbia County: Life is all about the art of the possible. Music, dance, fine arts—Columbia County has it all. It’s the kind of place where one day you might enjoy live music on the river and the next day learn more about the art of comedy at the Laurel and Hardy Museum, inspired by Columbia County native Oliver Hardy.  That’s another thing about Columbia County: All kinds of stars have a way of rising here, from comedy greats to musical hit-makers like Josh Kelley and Charles Kelley & Dave Haywood of Lady Antebellum.

Of course, while the arts seem to flourish here naturally, they also thrive with strong community support from local patrons and from Columbia County Arts, Inc., the arts council assisting artists in residence and arts organizations like the Artists’ Guild, the Columbia County Choral Society and the Columbia County Symphony Orchestra. In a place that’s all about the art of the possible, the possibilities in Columbia County and Augusta are artfully—and endlessly—enjoyable.

Whatever the season, great arts and entertainment are always in the forecast for Columbia County!

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Development Authority of Columbia County, GA | 1000 Business Boulevard | Evans, GA 30809 | Ph. (706) 312-1371 | Fx. (706) 312-1374