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K-12 Education Opportunities


K-12 Schools: Top choices across the board.


Columbia County Public Schools:

Superb facilities, a dedicated and highly qualified teaching staff, and motivated students ready to learn—the equation is complete for a system that routinely ranks in the top 10% of the state’s 164 school districts.

Measurable achievement: To achieve and maintain the high rank, the Columbia County school system has consistently evidenced measurable achievement. In 2011-2012, for example, 97% of students in grade three and 98 percent of students in grade five and grade eight scored at or above grade level in reading on standardized tests. Ninety seven percent of 11th graders met or exceeded standards on the Georgia Writing Test, and the average SAT score for the district, 1506, exceeded the national average. Columbia County students are getting into college with ease, and often with university credits in place, thanks to continually increasing enrollment in Advanced Placement (AP) classes.

Preparations + Qualifications: Students come to our school system ready to learn, from families that understand the importance of education. A 96% daily attendance rate, and a drop-out rate at a meager two percent are a testament to parental support.  And in the Columbia County school system, prepared students meet teachers ready to teach, with dedication, passion and credentials: More than 65%of our teachers have advanced degrees, 100% are teaching in-field, and 99% are designated as “highly qualified”.

Great starts here: An education in the Columbia County school system promises every child an outstanding start in life, with critical support at every level. Beginning in middle school, school counselors and graduation coaches keep students on track for college entrance and collegiate success. (Joint enrollment is also available at Georgia Regents University.)  And for students interested in work immediately after high school, the Career, Technical and Agriculture Education (CTAE) Pathways program enables students to combine traditional academics with strategic work-related skills in a variety of fields.

Private Schools:

Here in Columbia County and the Augusta area, families also enjoy a diverse range of high quality private options. Founded in 1960 and located in Martinez, the Augusta Preparatory Day School enrolls three-year-olds through 12th grade, with graduates going on to success at colleges all over the nation, from the Ivy League to M.I.T., from Amherst to William and Mary. Also located in Martinez, Augusta Christian School offers an excellent non-denominational parochial school environment stressing values and achievement. In nearby Augusta, Episcopal Day School educates pre-kindergarten through 8th grade students with a well-rounded curriculum that includes academics, arts and after-school athletics. Other excellent parochial choices include Curtis Baptist School and Westminster Schools of Augusta, where 74% of the students participate in sports, over 40% participate in fine arts, and 41% of the junior and seniors are AP Scholars.

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