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Fort Gordon



Fort Gordon: America’s leading edge.

Multi-mission, multi-service, unconditionally essential: Tasked with leading-edge support services that include cyber operations, communication and information technology and global intelligence, Fort Gordon plays a critical and expanding role in America’s security and future as a global power.

Major Missions:

Economic Impact:

The area’s largest employer, Fort Gordon expends more than $2 billion annually in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) from an annual budget of $818 million, while providing human resources that strengthen our quality of life and the effectiveness of our workforce. Expected to rise by 4,000 with the Cyber Center, the Fort Gordon population currently includes an on-post population of approximately 26,776 military, family members, and civilians, with an off-post population of over 77,680 military and civilian family members and retirees. Dedicated and civic-minded, the Fort Gordon community is also highly skilled, motivated and work-ready for outstanding global performance.

Leading Opportunity: Soon to be one of the nation’s top cyber technology centers, and the single point of contact for external organizations regarding cyberspace and information operations, Fort Gordon offers prime opportunity for private and governmental contractors and for technology and information companies across a wide spectrum.

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