Quad Graphics Announces Plan to Close Their Plant In Evans, GA

November 5, 2015

Quad Graphics Announces Plan to Close Their Plant In Evans, GAFor immediate release:

November 4, 2015

Columbia County, GA –Quad Graphics, the Wisconsin-based company that has been printing catalogs for three (3) decades has announced their plans to close their Evans plant, which is located on Evans to Locks Road by the end of the year.

According to Mark Wills, the Chairman of the Development Authority of Columbia County, “The Development Authority of Columbia County is saddened by the loss of a long time corporate citizen.  We understand that corporate and industry challenges have played major roles in the closing of Quad Graphics’ Columbia County Plant.  We are committed to supporting Quad Graphics and their employees during this tough time.”

Over the years, this Evans plant has printed catalogs for Montgomery Ward, Victoria’s Secret and LL Bean.  Yesterday, Quad Graphics reported a third quarter net loss of $552 million and as a result of that loss, the company is instituting a $100 million cost reduction program. The Evans plant is one of four (4) printing facilities Quad Graphics will close this year.  The closure will impact over 200 employees.

Pat Henderson, Quad Graphics’ Director of Governmental Affairs said that employees affected by this closure would receive separation packages which include pay, extension of health benefits, and placement/career assistance.

In a press conference held earlier today, The Development Authority’s Executive Director Robbie Bennett stated that Columbia County would work with Quad Graphic’s leadership team to assist affected employees in finding other employment opportunities.   When asked about the future of the plant, Robbie said, “We will support this transition and work to identify new opportunities for the space to enhance growth in the community.”

For questions, please contact Calie Cook – Columbia County Public Relations Manager – 706 868- 3444 / ccook@columbiacountyga.gov or Robbie Bennett Executive Director of The Development Authority of Columbia County – 706 312 1371 / rbennett@developcolumbiacounty.com