Grow Your Business with the Development Authority of Columbia County

The Development Authority of Columbia County (DACC) is the economic development organization for Columbia County, Georgia. In addition to fostering economic growth, the DACC supports existing businesses and recruits new companies to the county. Owners and developers are choosing Columbia County because of the endless number of growth opportunities available here. Not to mention, we’re within a two-hour flight from nearly three-fourths of the U.S.

As the sole local economic development organization, our role is to help businesses locate, expand, and succeed in our county. We work with businesses across various industries and handle projects of all types and sizes. Working alongside the Georgia Department of Economic Development, we have brought many new projects to the area. We also work directly with site consultants and small businesses looking to grow in Columbia County.

How Can the Development Authority of Columbia County Help Your Business?

We understand that each project requires a unique approach and we take all factors into account to set your business up for success. Whether you are opening a small business or relocating your global headquarters to Columbia County, DACC is here to help you each step of the way.

  1. Provide research, data and business support throughout the process

The process starts with a kickoff call to gather details of the project and learn more about your specific job needs. We’ll provide you with key research and demographic data, along with support and assistance through the entire process to ensure you meet your timeline. Our network allows us to connect businesses with local service providers when needed. Partners like the Small Business Development Center, Georgia Department of Labor, Georgia Tech Manufacturing Extension Partnership, or CSRA Business Lending can help make your project work.

  1. Assist with site selection and development needs

Serving as a government liaison, the Development Authority of Columbia County works closely with community leaders, business leaders, site selectors and business location advisors to ensure they have the information and resources needed to make optimal business location decisions. We’ll help you identify properties by evaluating site parameters and reviewing what’s available in the county. One area to note is White Oak Business Park, a modern, upscale business park that is especially great for companies and operations that are focused on the production and movement of goods. Last year  the Development Authority and the State of Georgia announced Amazon’s plan to build a new Fulfilment Center in White Oak Business Park.  This project plans to create 800 new jobs in Columbia County. Given the teamwork and scope of the project, our project won Deal of the Year in the Large Community category from the Georgia Economic Developers Association!

  1. Discuss workforce training opportunities

With more than 1,000,000 people located within a 60-mile radius surrounding Evans, Georgia (in Columbia County), we have talent ready to take on a new venture. Depending on the size and scope of the project, we are able to work with partners like Work Source East Central Georgia, Augusta Technical College, or QuickStart, to support your workforce development needs. We help identify workforce training opportunities from customized programs, educational programs, on-the-job training and more.

  1. Identify ways to support financing

Wondering what the DACC can do for you? We are happy to share several ways to acquire financing and/or support for your project depending on your needs and qualifications. Local resources and state business incentives can be tools to assist businesses locating and expanding in Columbia County. For retail and restaurants, one example of support is the Destination Retail Incentive. This program can provide grants (i.e. forgivable loans) and/or low-interest loans to a qualified destination retailer to get them on their feet in the Evans Towne Center overlay area. We were able to utilize this policy for Stay. Social Tap & Table, a self-serve tapas and beer restaurant that’s seeing great activity in Columbia County.

Other programs and funding options that companies can potentially benefit from include:

    • Industrial Revenue Bond Financing (with leaseback agreements to reduce property tax liability)
    • Freeport Exemption
    • Columbia County Opportunity Zone and Military Zones Tax Credits
    • Timely rezoning process (45-60 days), and efficient site plan and building permit review process (4-5 weeks or less)
    • Local and State Grants (infrastructure funding for qualifying projects)
    • Harlem Revolving Loan Program (affordable financing for companies located in the City of Harlem)
  1. Foster a business-friendly environment

Before we go into development, we’ll help you with the permitting process. To make this as streamlined as possible, we’ll meet with you, the developers, and the architects to review plans and discuss any considerations for the project. This pre-development meeting, along with upgrades to digital technology, allowing permits to be turned around in a matter of days instead of weeks. After permitting, the DACC offers support through the construction period. We bring various county departments, from electric companies to road engineers, together and walk them through all details of the project. This ensures that your new business is ready for a successful opening from all avenues.

From paperwork and permitting to the official business launch, we’re here to set the stage for your success. Are you ready to work with us? Whether you’re starting a new business or looking to expand, the DACC is here to make this an easy and enjoyable experience. Visit our website and these useful resources to learn more, or contact us directly with any questions.