Plant Vogtle

Georgia Power: Leading generation of power, prosperity.

Even as residents have relied on Georgia Power for high reliability and low rates in generating energy for homes, schools and businesses, this investor-owned utility, the largest subsidiary of the Southern Company, has also served as powerful generator of prosperity for this region for over 85 years, attracting and supporting businesses and jobs.

And today, working in collaboration with the Augusta region and Columbia County, Georgia Power is creating dynamic opportunity with several key projects:

Plant Vogtle Expansion: Emission-free power energizing the Columbia County economy.  With expansion plans on schedule for completion in 2017 and 2018, the addition of Plant Vogtle’s new Units 3 and 4 will provide clean, safe nuclear energy to accommodate and support the region’s robust growth. At a time when climate change has become a globally urgent topic, Plant Vogtle’s affordable, emission-free solution will create energy to power 500,000 Georgia homes and businesses, while energizing the economy with substantial capital investment and job creation.

Economic impact: In the past 10 years alone, Georgia Power has helped attract more than 113,000 jobs to the state and almost $24 billion in capital investment.  In the Augusta MSA and Columbia County, Plant Vogtle’s $14 billion in capital investment will create 5,000 on-site construction jobs and 800 well-paying, full-time positions—all together, $4 billion in added economic value compared to any other alternative.

Leading opportunity: Leading in customer satisfaction, leading in energy that’s safe for people and the planet, leading the way to greater prosperity with critical business support that includes custom research, demographics and civil engineering, Georgia Power is opening flourishing opportunity for tomorrow’s generation.